2015 AIA Presidential Citation

2014 NOMA National Chapter of the Year

2013 AIA Diversity Recognition Award - Program Award

2013 Diversity Achievement Award - American Colleges & Schools of Architecture


DESIGN JUSTICE: the Education to Action Pipeline

Our mission is to empower young people to affect change in their community through design. Using the city as the classroom, and connecting young people to real world architects and planners, we foster the next generation of design professionals, civic leaders, and changemakers.  We advocate for fellowship, equity, and excellence in design.



We guide students through all stages of design using provoking and fun exercises. Students investigate through drawing and model building, analyze through diagramming and research, and engage through interviews and site visits. By the program’s conclusion, students present a fully realized project that addresses an issue in their city.



We serve a diverse population of students, all of whom are underrepresented in the design field. Our program better prepares students for college and life beyond. Through Project Pipeline, young people grasp the significance of architecture in their daily lives, as well as the broader cultural, social, and historical implications. They develop the skills and tools to contribute to their community critically and constructively.



SCHOOL WORKSHOPS: Semester or Year-Long Program

SUMMER CAMP: THREE-Day Intensive Day Camp